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January 24th, 2005

09:08 pm - >__
I am so excited!
I am so stressed!
I am so anxious!
I am so pregnant!
I am so horny-- I mean....... ah!

The wedding is Sunday and its all crazy! I can't wait for it all to happen and be over with! The Guys say they have a surprise for me at the reception that only I and them will understand? Well, I'm excited to know what it is! The dress is gorgous, my hair will look perfect, and Zakary will make it all perfect. Baby Amehlia is excited, too! Well, next time I'm here- I'll be married! =o)
Current Mood: crazyCRAZY!
Current Music: I Love The 90's on Vh1

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January 17th, 2005

03:01 pm
Wow it has been a long time. Well, Zakary and I are gettting married in thirteen days! Wow! Crazy huh! my dress is so pretty, and it actually hides Amehlia pretty well. I don't mind my stomach showing though, because she's a part of this family too, and a part of this wedding. Well, I have everything set and planned, except you guys! Taz and Riot- you guys are siging for the reception, right? Even just a few songs? Please? I love you! All the dresses for my brides maids are gorgeous and they all said they liked them, so hopefully they're not just telling me that lol. Well, this is my surprise to all The Guys- we're having a pedi and mani party! Fun! Good times! I have to wear a mask though, because of Amehlia, but it'll still be fun. Well, Taz and Riot- please call me and let me know about the reception. I have a list of songs that I want played, so maybe you can perform a few. I rrrreeeeaaaallllllllyyyy want you guys to sing for Zakary's and mines first dance, the father-daughter dance, and the mother-son dance. I Love You! Well, time to go stuff my face and make them take my dress out! lol

<3* Kristabelle
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Boyz II Men

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December 14th, 2004

09:10 pm - Wow
Wow. A lot of things happened in the last 24hours. I'm hungry. Everyone I had high hopes and high expectations for yesterday, I now see them and I don't even see a twinkle in their eyes. I can't see someone and not think badly upon them. Everything is bad and everyone has something about them that they hide because they are fake to make people like them. I don't even care anymore. Is this what its like to be Gothic? I'm starting to speak and think like Dj and Riot. God. I'm Gothic now. I miss being a prep. Amehlia better turn out right.


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Current Mood: discontentdiscontent
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December 13th, 2004

08:55 am - I Like It When There's A Few Of Us Online
kristabellekiss: hows it goin girl?
no9 riot girl: eh, it goes.
kristabellekiss: sounds like you and Jon aren't doing to good
no9 riot girl: depends on the day.
no9 riot girl: i'm not even sure what happened yesterday at church
kristabellekiss: did you guys have sex again?!?!
no9 riot girl: no, we weren't even together. i stayed in, he stormed out.
kirstabellekiss: did he want to have sex again?
no9 riot girl: idk
kristabellekiss: so hows today?
kristabellekiss: fight yet
no9 riot girl: idk... he called me and we talked and i'm not very nice
no9 riot girl: i dont think the time of day matters
kristabellekiss: well its monday aren't you going to see him at lunch??
no9 riot girl: nope. =(
kristabellekiss: is it the end of jon and riot???
no9 riot girl: [[in jon's words]]
no9 riot girl: we'll stay together, we'll just hate each other.
kristabellekiss: well as long as you both know
I will never understand the two of them. Hey Jon- I want to read your LJ! Pwease! I'll make you cookies and tell you what Riot says! lol

WicKedORgaSm66: hola fat girl!
kristabellekiss: your sn is horrible!
WicKedORgaSm66: well,
WicKedORgaSm66: good morning and nice day to you 2!
kristabellekiss: lol
kristabellekiss: sorry. goodmoring tazzer. nice day to you!
WicKedORgaSm66: haha
WicKedORgaSm66: so hows your fat doing?
kristabellekiss: swimmingly
WicKedORgaSm66: lol
WicKedORgaSm66: you watched south park didn't you?
kristabellekiss: lol yeah
kristabellekiss: riot was talking about the christmas dvd's and i have it too
WicKedORgaSm66: hey! we're doing a show in a week! sweeeet!
kristabellekiss: um, does riot know that? does mark? dj?
WicKedORgaSm66: no. yes. no.
WicKedORgaSm66: dude, riot will do it. we always talk her into it.
WicKedORgaSm66: makrs ready
WicKedORgaSm66: dont know about dj tho
kristabellekiss: riot's voice is messed up from being sick, and she and dj do not need to be aroud each other, and mark well, mark is crying to go back up so nevermind that one
WicKedORgaSm66: ni will live.
WicKedORgaSm66: this will be done
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: shania twain

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December 10th, 2004

10:43 am - Cheers!
Wow! It has been a long time since I've been on here! I did some reading and it turns out one friend is sick, one is heart broken, and one callled me FAT! Ok, so I know I am because there's a baby thing in me, but damn Lea! You didn't have to straight up say it!

Well, things have been going ok for me I guess. I'm pregnant, engaged, finished with this quarter, and I ate a gallon on strawberry ice cream yesterday! =o) Big smile on my face! Amehlia's, too. Well, everyone have a good weekend and be safe- don't get pregnant!
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Green Day

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November 19th, 2004

01:51 am - Zzzzz....
I am really tired because I have been awake all day since about 7 this morning but I haven't posted in a while.

I have been doing a lot of shopping and work and reading, preparing for baby Amehlia since I'm in those final stages of pregnancy. Well, its not like I am due next week or anything; I still have time but I don't want to miss anything or be stressed out about little things the last month of it all. Zakary has really been trying to be better about letting me do things, but he is still trying to make me sit on my ass and do nothing. The doctor even told him that I should move around and get exercise and do things but he still insists on me doing exactly nothing. Oh well.

Well the show in Livermore was so great! Tazzer was so good, I've never heard him sing so well and he played the guitar so well on "Sweet Child Of Mine." Riot did blow everyone away when she performed "You Had Me" she put a lot of passion into it. Mark was the best ever on the drums. His solo in "My Happy Ending" and in "Jeremy" was killer. I loved it. But I have to say that my favirite part was when Riot called me on stage and I got to get up there and sing and look right at Zakary and tell him that I can do things; I'm not peralyzed just because I'm pregnant!

Today I put Amehlia's room together and did some little details to the room. Cammi helped me. It was really good to see her, and I wish I could see everyone more often because we don't hang out at all anymore! Or you guys do and don't feel comfortable with me there, which I totally understand and is totally ok! Just wait until you are all pregnant and you're in my shoes! lol I also took some classes at the center on proper breathing exercises, and a CPR and health class so I can be prepared if anything happens with the baby. Wow, its crazy to think that I will be a mommy soon! And then a wife! Its crazy!

I am going to go to bed now. I am so tired. I think I'm going to let Zakary win tomorrow and not move! lol All I have to do is go buy an outfit for Thanksgiving because it is a big holiday in mine and in Zakary's family where we get to be with our family. We're basically one big family now, so we will see how it all goes! Good night everyone!
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Zakary snoring

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November 4th, 2004

07:39 pm - Cute Survey! Everyone Take It!

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October 23rd, 2004

10:29 am - Wow
Wow I'm really pregnant. I haven't updated in a while because I was busy either doing stuff for the baby or doing nothing. Poor Zakary is really pissing me off because he thinks I can't do ANYTHING. His mom even told him that I can drive and do things as long as they're not too fast pace but he still insists I stay home and stare at the walls (which were beautifly decorated by Doller and Daki!) So this morning when Zakary is at work, his mom is taking me shopping and then we're going to lunch and a movie. I'm not taking my cell phone because I don't want Zakary calling me and yelling at me and his mom hearing that, so he will call her and she can calm him down. I love Zakary, and I know he loves me. So I can't get too mad because he's just worried about Baby Amelia and hey, thats ok. Well I am going to go dry my hair because his mom will be here in about 30min.
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: "Memory," Sugar Cult

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October 13th, 2004

09:31 pm - Well....
Well I haven't been posting because I haven't been feeling very welcomed to talk to The Guys because there was an argument with Riot and Doller feels uncomfortable with me and what not. Well, I was initiacted as one of The Guys.

IT was great to see everyone. We all went to see Riot and Tazzer at their show at 54th Street and they did so well. Tazzer is such a good guitarist and looked so cute up there on stage, and Riot has such an amazing unique voice and she's such a performer. They both did so well on stage, interacting with each other. Everyone could tell how much they loved to be up there performing. The room was hot with passion. Well, not like romantic passion for each other, but like for the stage. I hope I didn't just start something. lol. Well anyways, I am at Kim's because Zakary didn't think I was able to stay at the club with them. Yes babe, I am pregnant but that doesn't mean I can't sit and enjoy a show and a smoothie with everyone. I know he's just trying to take care of me and Amelia but I wish I wasn't so restricted all the time. Well, before the show, Tazzer and Riot did a short sound check and we were there to hear them. Than Tazzer went online and Riot locked herself in a room on the phone. Thats them. Riot and I were talking about baby names, even though I already picked it out. She has some intersting, unique names and I hope her baby is very excepting lol Honestly, who names their kid Kiss? lol Well I am at Kim's and I just got a phone call that Riot and Doller are on their way here. Zakary is coming later. If he's too long then I guess I am going home with the girls oh well. I'm going to go relax and try not to be too mad at Zakary for telling me what to do! Luv ya!

<3* Kristabelle
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: Tazzer and Riot's show

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October 9th, 2004

08:19 am - Damnit Zakary!
It is too damn early! Zakary had to go to work early today and he woke me up while he was getting ready. Normally he just wakes me up by kissing me on the forehead and saying goodbye. Today he shook the hell out of me. Now I'm awake and I can't go back to sleep. Damnit.

Amelia is getting bigger. She is starting to move around.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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