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Wow it has been a long time. Well, Zakary and I are gettting married… - *~*Kristabelle's Kisses*~*

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January 17th, 2005

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03:01 pm
Wow it has been a long time. Well, Zakary and I are gettting married in thirteen days! Wow! Crazy huh! my dress is so pretty, and it actually hides Amehlia pretty well. I don't mind my stomach showing though, because she's a part of this family too, and a part of this wedding. Well, I have everything set and planned, except you guys! Taz and Riot- you guys are siging for the reception, right? Even just a few songs? Please? I love you! All the dresses for my brides maids are gorgeous and they all said they liked them, so hopefully they're not just telling me that lol. Well, this is my surprise to all The Guys- we're having a pedi and mani party! Fun! Good times! I have to wear a mask though, because of Amehlia, but it'll still be fun. Well, Taz and Riot- please call me and let me know about the reception. I have a list of songs that I want played, so maybe you can perform a few. I rrrreeeeaaaallllllllyyyy want you guys to sing for Zakary's and mines first dance, the father-daughter dance, and the mother-son dance. I Love You! Well, time to go stuff my face and make them take my dress out! lol

<3* Kristabelle
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Date:January 25th, 2005 09:19 am (UTC)
ni on stage. cool.
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Date:January 26th, 2005 09:49 am (UTC)
WOW!i cant believe you two are already getting married! congrats girl! i know you two will be so happy, and if not than we'll have so much fun taking everyting away from him and egging his truck. haha

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