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*~*Kristabelle's Kisses*~*

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October 8th, 2004

12:29 pm - My Cute Kittens!

I went home today, like actually where the rest of my family lives. I'd forgotten everything I'd left behind. Including a litter or fifty of kittens! Ya, we're cat freaks, and we keep them all when our cats have babies. Only one died so we were happy. I just thought I'd post a picture. Cute? Oh yes!

Current Mood: giddygiddy

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October 3rd, 2004

01:00 pm - Hi!
Hi! Its been a long time so I thought I'd stop in and post! Well, last night Daki and Doller helped me finish decorating, and it looks so awesome! Daki is still here and I believe she is yelling at the pizza guy because our phone sucks. Doller had work. Well, everything had been going well with Zakary and I. We are doing well, school is going good, and baby Amelia is healthy. Well she is having trouble with the pizza guy so I think I'll go take over. Nice stop by, hope I can post more. Bye for now!
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Daki screaming on the phone

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September 22nd, 2004

11:31 pm - Weird Feelings
Weird feelings captivate me now. I am so happy to start my life- to really start my life out with Zakary, and soon, with baby Amelia. But I can't help but feel, almost cheated, out of being able to live a little. I will not get to do the things my friends do because of the fact that I am with child, and will soon be fully responsible for another like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I know this sounds so horrible, and quite selfish, but it does hit me that I am not going to have the opportunity to have that phase of transition between becoming an adult, and leave being a woman. This seems to be a stage in my life, and this is what is being dealt to me. I trust in God, and I believe God would not give me what is not meant for me; what I cannot handle. Zakary and I made the conscious decision to make love, and this is the result of that decision. Not a consequence persai, but a result of our action. Now we must be responsible for our actions; our decisions.
Current Mood: indifferentindifferent
Current Music: "Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" Britney Spears

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September 19th, 2004

08:07 pm - We're In!
Wow! Zakary and I, with the help of family and good friends, got about everything moved in to the apartment today! It was very tiring, but the furniture is up and all we really have to do is take care of the little things like decorations (which I need the girls to help me with) and putting little things away. The apartments is nice, and I am happy to be here with him, but it is a little scary. This is it: I am an adult and this is the rest of my life. I will, though, be the happiest girl when I go to sleep at night with Zakary's arms wrapped around me, and when I wake up to see his face on the pillow right next to mine. That is the best. Well I am going to go now because we are both tired.

<3** Kristabelle
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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11:30 am - Number One!
Hello everyone! This is my first entry! Yey! Thank you to Riot for being online and bored, and helping me with my live journal. Its seems you've done just about everyones! Wow! And they all looks great! Well I want to say hi to everyone out there reading this and I wish I could say more, but I have to go help move everything out of the house since Zakary and I move into our apartment today. I can't really carry anything because of baby Amelia, but I driving the trucks back and forth and cooking lunch! Hopefully I will talk to you guys later!

<3** Kristabelle
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: "How Do I Live" Trisha Yearwood

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