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Wow - *~*Kristabelle's Kisses*~*

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October 23rd, 2004

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10:29 am - Wow
Wow I'm really pregnant. I haven't updated in a while because I was busy either doing stuff for the baby or doing nothing. Poor Zakary is really pissing me off because he thinks I can't do ANYTHING. His mom even told him that I can drive and do things as long as they're not too fast pace but he still insists I stay home and stare at the walls (which were beautifly decorated by Doller and Daki!) So this morning when Zakary is at work, his mom is taking me shopping and then we're going to lunch and a movie. I'm not taking my cell phone because I don't want Zakary calling me and yelling at me and his mom hearing that, so he will call her and she can calm him down. I love Zakary, and I know he loves me. So I can't get too mad because he's just worried about Baby Amelia and hey, thats ok. Well I am going to go dry my hair because his mom will be here in about 30min.
Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: "Memory," Sugar Cult

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Date:October 27th, 2004 06:01 am (UTC)
"Wow I'm really pregnant"
That is so something you would say! lol

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